Classic Wedding Dress Style Introduction

When big names such as Prada, Gucci, Dior, Chanel and so on until a hint of classic style wedding dress season, have the wedding of pop culture is also necessary to make a point of great noise. lace-making is a very complicated process, it is, some knitting patterns of silk thread or are not made according to the lace or embroidery is a traditional Chinese system hook. Rao, when the silk in a small shuttle just above, only the size of the thumb of each product shuttle. A need for less complex to tens or hundreds of models that have only a small shuttle, then a large number of models, hundreds of small shuttle.
Classic satin gown
Satin material easy to very bright light is very vertical, you can ask the bride a good temperament. But the physical demands of such a wealth of wedding gown wedding, temperament elegant, recommendations or thinner better physique married early is not to try.
classic bridal styles made of flexible distribution of son
Sha Zhi's marriage is the first choice for many brides, but in fact accompanied by Sha Zhi's marriage retro design when it best embodies the characteristics of the soft texture of the type of bride Athena-like temperament. 

This type of marriage that few people dare to try, if you're so thin! Quite high! Package Design Hip accidentally taken the body, all the curves in the proposed model of Figure bride or less described as an attempt. However, when the fishtail wedding dress style is simply a reflection of good looking sexy and elegant.
Classic style of the wedding of Princess Puff
Cute cute Puff marriage is not comparable with other models clearly transformed into a princess skirt for the bride. This design Bon Bon dress or just let it not be naive.

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