Choosing Wedding Jewellery For Bridesmaids

bridesmaid jewellery 2011
When planning your wedding, you want everyone to look great, especially your bridesmaids. Bridesmaids not only offer support to the bride during her time of making wedding plans, they also add beauty and elegance to the actual wedding ceremony. Bridesmaid's dresses are carefully chosen to match the bride's favorite colors and designs. Then the dresses can be adorned with beautiful wedding jewellery and wedding hair accessories to complete the ensemble. Here are some ideas to help you choose beautiful jewellery for your bridesmaids.

Jewellery Gifts
First, decide if you want the wedding jewellery for your bridesmaids to be given as a "gift" or for cosmetic purposes only. If it is your gift, then you'll want to spend a little more money to get higher quality wedding jewellery sets, such as a necklace and earring sets. If giving as a gift, place the jewellery in a gift box and wrap it to give to your bridesmaids at the rehearsal dinner. They'll be able to try it on just in time for the wedding.
bridesmaid jewellery 2011
Design Choices
There are hundreds of wedding jewellery fashions to choose from, including sparkling crystals, diamante, pearls, gold, silver, etc. You can either match the bridesmaid jewellery to your own bridal jewellery or select a similar, but more low-key design. Consider how the bridesmaids' dresses are made in the neckline area. Do the dresses have a high or low neckline, or are they sleeveless with or without jackets? Do the dresses have fancy designs or embroidery, or are they made in a simple style?

The wedding jewellery should complement your bridesmaids, but it should not be the most noticeable item in your wedding. Be sure to select jewellery that will not capture the eyes of everyone and distract them from the main theme of the ceremony - you and your groom!
bridesmaid jewellery 2011
You can also buy wedding hair accessories and other items along with bridesmaid jewellery and offer these together in a gift set. The hairpieces can be simple bows or lovely fascinators. Make sure they look similar to your bridal hair accessories to create harmony in everyone's wedding attire.

Other accessories to consider for bridesmaids include jewellery stands, anklets, bracelets, pendants, brooches, scarves and jewellery cleaner.
bridesmaid jewellery 2011
**Hint: Make sure none of your bridesmaids is allergic to a certain type of jewellery. Some people are allergic to silver or gold, so you wouldn't want anyone to break out in a rash on the wedding day!
These are just a few ideas to get your wheels turning. Wedding jewellery is an important part of your wedding. Choose jewellery for yourself and your bridesmaids wisely, and consider shopping online to easily compare designs and pricing for high quality wedding jewellery sets.  Chris Robertson 
bridesmaid jewellery 2011

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