Wedding Gowns with Sleeves

Wedding Gowns with Sleeves 2011
Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. And the wedding gown, probably holds the most important part in a wedding. Nowadays, off-shoulder wedding gowns are the most common. But, if you are planning the event for winter, wedding gowns with sleeves might be the right thing for you.

Wedding Gowns with Sleeves 2011
 No matter how a bride looks in her her day to day life, she wants to look the most beautiful on her wedding day. Wedding gowns with sleeves are most suitable if you are looking forward to a winter wedding. It helps in bringing more attention to the bodice, as well as provides a balance to the skirt. The length of the sleeve depends on how much skin the bride is willing to show. So wedding gowns with long sleeves is generally selected by brides who want be modest on their wedding day. You can have a lot of options on long and short sleeves for wedding dresses.
Wedding Gowns with Sleeves 2011

Wedding Gowns with Long Sleeves
Some of the wedding gowns with long sleeves, that you can go for are:
  •     Poet Sleeve: The style involves full sleeves. Poet sleeve has pleats on the upper arm, which is tapered or fitted at the forearm.
  •     Bell Sleeve: The bell sleeve can be both long and short. It is set smoothly into the arm hole, while there are flares towards the bottom. The effect is similar to that of a bell in its shape. This sleeve was particularly famous during the seventies.
  •     Illusion Sleeve: Though illusion sleeves are not prevalent anymore, it can make you feel elegant and attractive. It is made of transparent material, which can make you feel covered up, though you wont necessarily look like it.
  •     Juliet Sleeve: As its name implies, the Juliet sleeve is named after the famous tragedy of Shakespeare. It is a long sleeve, which is fitted down to the wrist and helps in adding a lot of character to the dress with a bit of theatrics thrown in.
  •     Balloon Sleeve: The balloon sleeve is full and balloon shaped over the upper arm. From there it is narrowed right from the elbow to the wrist. Be a little careful while selecting this sleeve, since it may dominate your look and as result your upper body may appear larger.
  •     Three Quarter Sleeve: The three quarter sleeve was quite in vogue, a few years back. The sleeves extend from the shoulder to the forearm, where it stops somewhere between the elbow and the wrist. Like the illusion sleeve, the three quarter sleeve makes you feel covered up, but it does not make you feel restricted in any way. It works well in almost all styles of dresses and suits most body types.
Wedding Gowns with Sleeves 2011
 Wedding Gowns with Short Sleeves
Now lets discuss some of the wedding gowns with short sleeves. They are:
  •     Petal/Tulip Sleeve: The tulip sleeve which is also known as the petal sleeve is a short sleeve that has two pieces, which gently overlap on the upper arm. It is made to look like the petals of a flower. The tulip sleeve looks good on larger arms, than other revealing styles e.g. the capped sleeve and the sleeveless styles.
  •     Cap Sleeve: The cap sleeve is small and rounded, covering just the shoulders. Women with well-toned upper arms will look best in it.
  •     T-shirt Sleeve: It ends somewhere between the elbow and the wrist. For bridal wear the t-shirt sleeve looks quite elegant, yet covered.
Wedding Gowns with Sleeves 2011
 These were some of the well known short sleeves, which goes well for wedding gowns with sleeves. Consider your body type while selecting these sleeves for your wedding day. If you have a square body, go for bigger sleeves like balloon or juliet. Also, the sleeves do not necessarily have to be of the same material as that of the dress. Tulle, lace or illusion netting are some of the fabric material which can be used as sleeves. So go ahead start making your dream wedding gown. It might just be a sleeve away. By Anannya Saikia

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