Selecting The Right Wedding Band

The Right Wedding Band 2011
Preparing for a wedding is always a daunting task no matter how happy the couples may be. There are lots of important decisions to be made together and one of the most important things is selecting a wedding band.

Wedding bands symbolize the eternal love you share with your partner and it is important to select a band that you can be proud of.

Unlike your wedding dress, you will be wearing the wedding ring for the rest of your life.
So, it is better to consider the type of metal, shape and thickness when you go shopping for your wedding band. If you are having a tough time selecting the right wedding band, the following points may help you:

The Right Wedding Band 2011

There are many shapes when it comes to wedding bands. You can choose from a D-shape, court shape, flat, flat court to designer rings. For the brides, a wedding band shape that goes with the engagement ring can be selected. If the wedding ring shapes in a shop doesn't appeal to you, then you can always request for a custom shape made in accordance with your taste.


The choice of metal for the wedding band is what puts off many couples. There are many choices and each of them has their own special charm and attractiveness. Traditionally, the most popular choices are gold and platinum, but the trend has changed a lot.

Titanium wedding rings are becoming quite famous with couples who are looking for a contemporary look. This grayish metal is popular for its durability and can be carved without losing its shine and strength.

The Right Wedding Band 2011
In terms of popularity, there is nothing more sought after than platinum! Being more expensive and rarer than gold, platinum has always been the favorite choice. Since it lasts a lifetime, people usually go for this choice.

Tungsten wedding bands' indestructible nature has earned it brownie points with most people, especially the men. Tungsten carbide rings have an unmatched durability and strength, which truly represents the symbol of unity and everlasting love.


There are so many wedding band designs and most of them can be beautiful, but if you are considering the design of the ring, first think of your lifestyle. If you have a life of leisure, then you could choose a diamond ring and flaunt it, but if you use your hand a lot for manual labor, consider a simple one so that the work doesn't ruin the ring. By: smanuva

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