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In the world of bridal fashion, your name is your brand. Of haute couture one-of-a-kind dresses airy, ready-to-wear styles, these designers are the next class of names top design style to remember. Wang fly ...

Scrutinizing the panoramic windows of his studio by the ocean on the island of Maui, it is easy to understand for Tamara Catz, the bride in a sweat, satin and tulle-covered not a great look for a wedding on the beach . Instead, she sees the kind of dress that can "make a girl wants barefoot in the sand with the man of her dreams -. flowy, feminine, simple, "Catz, 36, the line of the romantic bohemian dresses, bridal style sensibility shaped ventilation.
Chiffon Strapless Beaded Empire Bodice with A line Pleated Skirt and Sweep Train Designs Wedding Dress WL-0025

To create the Buenos Aires home for seven years, contemporary casual wear, before they felt the urge to artistic foray into the world of bridal fashion in 2007. "A wedding dress is probably the special clothing a woman will never exercise, so I knew my wife could design a little more thoughtful and unique as the days for my clothes," says 36 years. Drawings Hawaiian-inspired feature a relaxed feminine forms, simple cuts and organic accents such as shells. Instead of overwhelming the bride, silhouettes Catz easy and light, flowing fabrics "to make a women feel like it, "something she believes," the traditional Cinderella as the wedding dress does not always work. " Of course, they are most at home as an alternative style dresses for beach weddings, and many are also versatile enough to wear after the wedding. The best part of this special day, however, is that the design can be as refreshing as Catz sand between your toes.

"Mio" combines two names: Michael and Sanea Sommerfield. Married Mio combines two visions: that of a man and a woman of high fashion, high quality jobs in a surprising place. Based in Sacramento, California, Sanea, 42 , brings his business expertise and insight into the female psyche, won, while Michael, 46, draws on the experience to save the couture outerwear with his father and running a tailor shop in Sacramento . "Sewing is like breathing to him," gushes Sanea. "I'm always the most time on their understanding and knowledge with enthusiasm."

The decision to Sacramento despite a postal code, which was an obvious lack of fashion culture in an attempt to keep the high style in the capital, but there was also a personal matter. "We had four children and do not want to move to the family," said Sanea. "Family comes first, so we had a case, it could work here to build." Its quality materials and design techniques have given a local following, and now that the children have grown, the duo plans to start the brand nationally this year.

The consultation phase is an integral part in the process of creating their garments. The team took detailed measurements of a first model that mimics the body just married compared to their standard design for comfort. Then gather information about them and their marriage so they can build in the dress of his personality, if soft tissue for a romantic getaway or a silhouette of a bold sophisticated. Pieces of the dress will be tailored and sewn in-house, often using 100 percent imported silk from Europe. The result is an haute couture gown by the natural beauty of women inspired him.

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