Dress Like a Celebrity on Your Wedding Day

Celebrities spend extravagant sums to have their wedding dresses designed exclusively for them. They appreciate the opportunity, one of a kind original, personal style and character to a T-piece suits to wear. But you do not need a celebrity budget to look chic and fabulous your wedding day. Through the integration of vintage-style in clothing, you can also enjoy an original beautiful with a perfect fit.

Feel like a Dior, Galliano, Givenchy or label, the outside of your household? Take the opportunity to wear a dress of vintage couture for a fraction of the price. Vintage clothing is not only for the red carpet by celebrities more. $ 5,000 range - Original exquisite design details can easily be bought in the $ 1,000. Most of the Bride Dresses traditional stores will not be able to style, detail, or quality match for the price range. For a sample of vintage haute couture offerings, visit the posh girl vintage or wedding dress.

Perhaps, like your favorite celebrities are, get out for a modern silhouette and chic, but with exquisite details and antique lace. Tori Spelling's first marriage dress emulates look like cheap imitations of this dress and flew off the shelves. In true celebrity style, forget knockoff of the original and you embrace your own fabulous custom design. First, find the cheap wedding dress with the silhouette that fits your body type and is based on a fabric you love built. Then, for further information, added to the charge factor can buy style. Vintage lace and old can in the sleeves, waist, neck, or be integrated with the web. Sew beautiful vintage beads accent neckline, cuffs and hem. Ask for references for a great suit (wedding forums are a good way to do this) and spend more to build a professional, the information contained in your simple dress. A good tailor will make sure the dress fits like a glove and looks fantastic!

Love Jewelry? Then a pioneer. Contrary to the trend of wearing last year by layers of jewelry, jewelry is the new way to wear the clothes themselves. Vintage Pin brace can accent or detail size. Small earrings can be used as a cuff details. Beads and jewelry from chains, and improvement of a separate V-neck Several sewing beads and jewelry at one end of the "V" neckline to even more amazing. To accentuate the face, add jewelry to fit moe. To raise awareness on the bodice, sew beads below the neck. In any case, you have a unique dress that fits your figure and style.

For many celebrities, women, including Cristina Aguilera, a dress is just not enough. Increasingly, modern brides wear her Cinderella dream dress for the ceremony and a cocktail dress second and more comfortable for the reception. This is a trend wedding practice, the more freedom of movement can dance with your husband and new mixing with your guests. Also look for vintage cocktail wedding  dresses for the fashion at affordable prices. If necessary, to customize the integration of other vintage beads, jewelry and ornaments on your dress.

Do not forget to look at the details for your vintage shoes. After all, doing what women do not approach shoes as the exclamation point on his final appearance? Loops in the clear exchange on your ankle or belt buckles vintage mule with rhinestones, crystals or other jewelry. Decorate popular ballerina with satin ribbon bows purposes. Then sew on buttons or earrings in the middle of a dance shoe comfortable.

With a bit of vintage know-how can you like a star on the day of the wedding dress. Incorporate style into your vintage clothing and enjoy a wonderful fit with the original. Labels with exclusive design and beautiful vintage details at your disposal, you are safe, chic and fabulous walking down the aisle or celebrating at the reception.
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